If I ever return to Minrathous
If I ever return to Minrathous bull's chargers stories

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If I ever return to Minrathous

Hiding in the Hinterland hills for nearly two weeks wasn't the best idea, perhaps, but in his current circumstances he had little choice.

A lonely jurney to the South punished him enough with lack of sleep, hunger, cold.

Last but not least, there was the bothersome sense of desperation and impending catastrophe, accompanying all major events in Dorian's life so far.

There was one reasonable lead for now: the Inquisition. Apart from that, there were Dorian's own awkward sensations after he received the letter from Master Alexius.

He sensed something unusual happening to the Veil... everywhere around him. Its gentle humming and clinking sounds overlapping one moment, changing just by single tones a while later.

Dorian didn't know a single spell or magical intrusion which could do that. A day after, he walked around nearly delirious: one

from time to time could happen.

But spending an entire day convinced that everything had already happened, with only slight differences of little significance?

After he calmed himself down a bit with finest red wine, the scion of House Pavus came to a conclusion that his former mentor, magister Alexius,

must have found a way to do the thing they were working out in theory. To activate the amulet they made years ago and trigger time-altering magic.

What amount of power was necessary, Dorian didn't even want to think. But since it could work,

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