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His name is Asami Ryuji, a strong name like his dad with same piercing golden eyes. Though his hair and cute nose are like his papa.

He is a good spirit and wilful child reminded them of someone but he can also be cold and mature despite his very young age.

He shares sweet tooth with his papa and shares the love of people with fiery passion like his dad when he set his eyes on his school mate by the name Kousuke in the pre-school he attended.

Kousuke is shorter than average boys of their age and that lead him to be tease and bully by other boys.

Until one day, Ryuji witnessed Kousuke’s brave action against the bully who kept pushing him around and calling him ‘shortie’.

Ryuji decided then to befriend the smaller boy much to Kousuke’s own surprise.

That is why Ryuji is sulking, hugging his knees to his chest when his dad refused to bring Ryuji over to Kousuke’s house for a play date.

Akihito who has been away for a week trip of photo shoot found their son hiding behind the couch with their pet cat named Neko-sensei courtesy to Ryuji.

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