Idle Hands
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fanfic by miriam_heddy adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Idle Hands

oxer stretched and got up off the rug. He walked to the fire, poked

at it with the poker until the sparks flew, used the bellows to puff some

air at it and nearly put the fire out entirely, tried to decide whether

the flames were like clouds and if he could see any pictures in them, picked

up a log and dropped it on top of the fire, then poked at the whole thing

with the poker until the new log fell off the pile and onto the hearth

where it nearly set fire to the rug. He stomped at the tendril of fire

before it did more than singe the white fur and kicked the log onto the

stone floor where it lay cooling and smoking. He inspected the rug and

decided that it wasn't really all that noticeable and it wasn't worth trying

to wash the soot out before Ares got back.

He walked over to the door, opened it, looked around, then closed it

again. Then he walked around the Temple, touching the various weapons on

the wall, picking up a sword and swinging it at an imaginary enemy. But

the sword was heavier than it looked and pulled him off balance. He set

it back on its pegs and sighed. He went up to the raised platform and sat

down in Ares throne, tried humming to himself, and finally stopped. His

voice echoed strangely in the dimly lit Temple and he wished he had asked

Ares for some more mood lighting before he'd left. The Temple was kind

of spooky and he watched as his own silhouette was cast onto the wall by

the light of the few candles at his sides.

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