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fanfic by ijustlostmysanity posted on commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


"Humans are fickle, Hakutaku. You shouldn't associate yourself with them." I was warned once by the person you serve but being me, I didn't listen. I never listen with things concerning you.

Hoozuki, you damn sadistic demon, I met you long ago. I met you when you were alone. I met you when no one was there.

Do you even remember? I was the one who brought you to that village on a whim. I was meant to just watch the humans to entertain myself. I remember how I peek at people having sex before.

It was fun. I was always fooling around. I was never serious. I was never meant to help a dying brat like you. Come to think of it, I really shouldn't have.

Your eyes were slowly closing back then, by a river, with some berries in your hand, you didn't know they were poisonous, maybe you knew, maybe you didn't,

you still ate them because you're hungry, I had to watch what will happen next but I didn't know that I would do what I've done next.

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