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fiction by gayasfolk posted on commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


The first time they locked eyes in the halls of McKinley High School, she was laughing after witnessing members of the glee club get showered in grape flavoured slushy.

It was their sophomore year and already Quinn had donned the flashy title of Head Cheerleader, with her Quarterback arm-candy she was practically unstoppable.

Right after she slammed her locker to head off to fourth period, she saw those losers in the glee club be soaked by two of Finn’s neanderthal teammates.

The laughter that bubbled up inside her just managed to overwhelm the pang of empathy she felt towards them.

She was on top now, and she would never go back to being down where they were; she had to keep face.

Still covering her mouth with her perfectly manicured hand, her eyes locked on to those of a short brunette on the edge of the crowd.

The face was like a spectre from the past, sending all feelings of mirth right out of her body.

But before she could do anything, call out, make any sound at all, those familiar brown eyes had disappeared.

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