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Ideal Father

Sherlock let out a long exhale of boredom.

The consulting detective was reclined on the sofa, still dressed in his dark blue shirt and suit pants, with his deep red wine coloured dressing gown untied.

The curly haired man was bored out of his mind despite finishing a case not two hours previous.

It was long enough to keep him occupied for the majority of the day but not long enough that he would binge on Chinese takeaway and crash afterwards.

The doorbell rang.

Followed by knock at the door captured Sherlock’s attention, his eyes widening and head shooting up in similar fashion to a dog’s when intrigued.

It must be urgent for them to have rung to doorbell and knocked. But it was too late for a client.

Mycroft would just let himself in and Lestrade would use the key John had given him, to stop him from banging the door down.

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