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A fanfic by trinity_destler adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


W.H. Auden

He had imagined it would be his last act of will in the waking Realms to slide sideways through the void which was real and the void between, then back again somewhere else entirely.

It did not matter where he emerged, which stars and darkness consumed him. He travelled at all only so that he would not fall through the ruins of the Bifrost to Jotunheim. Not die there.

He had nothing left to want, but he yet did

want, and what he did not want was to suffer the knowledge that Odin's rescue, the whole course of his own life, had made no difference in the manner of his death.

And so he fell.

Time spun outward as he moved through the influence of many worlds, their gravitation pulling his last instant into ages. Mortal years passed. His grief and rage cooled to a brittle agony.

The hopelessness of his love for father, brother, mother,

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