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story by lanxborealis adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


The ground beneath him rocked back and forth, causing his gut to spiral wildly with the changes of the currents ripping past the battered and flimsy wood cocooning him.

His pasty skin was battered with the frigid air seeping through the holes and cracks, drenching him to the bone with chills.

Dipper did not know how exactly he got in this sort of situation, did not know how the Heavens could be so cruel making this fate befall him,

and did not know how in the Heavens or on the Earth he could ever hope to escape it.

The small boy shivered, his skin prickled from the abuse of the air, and tried to snuggled deeper into the ratty clothes hanging from his body, abused by travel and worn by time.

He tucked his chin down into his chest, hunching his shoulders up, and allowed his greasy, chestnut hair to fall and cover his eyes,

unbound by the bandanna that had always kept it up and out of his face, the gift made by his dear sister stolen by the firmament.

His eyes pulsated, raw and tired from cold tears that had previously shed, dry shells of sorrow cracking across his skin almost painfully.

Dipper gritted his teeth together tightly and he swore that he would end up cracking them if he kept the torment on his gums up, however,

Dipper found his care for his health diminishing rapidly as he struggled to hang onto his last scraps of warmth already slipping away- a ghost through a graveyard of the follies he had made

that had him landed in the wretched cell he was trapped in.

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