IBDC: Darcy Lewis Style
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IBDC: Darcy Lewis Style


The very first time that Darcy Lewis meets Bucky Barnes, neither of them says anything to the other one.

Mostly it's because some idiot high enough up on the Hydra food chain decided that attacking the Tower was a good idea.

Jane is in the safe room at the back of the lab, hands pressed against the glass and Darcy has just tazed her second fatigue clad bad guy.

In the face.

Captain America, Falcon and the Winter Soldier crash through the glass into the main lab just as the dude goes down, twitching and pissing himself.

Bucky throws the guy trying to sneak up on the brunette clear across the room and they nod at each other in a sort of acknowledgement and then Bucky is turning to the rest of the melee

as Darcy slaps a new cartridge into her taser and stations herself in front of the safe room where Bruce is starting to come to.

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