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Ib Ending One-Shots

“Ugh… I hit my head…” Garry sat up groggily. He looked up to find Ib in front of him. “Ib… Are you okay?” She nodded, and he heaved a sigh of relief. “Ah! That’s good.

At any rate…”  He looked around. “This place is full of scribbles… Is this the toy box? We fell in from the upper floor…” His expression darkened.

“After she pushed us… Well, let’s look for the key and get out!” He looked back at Ib, who looked white as a sheet. “You look kind of pale. Are you really okay?”

“I can’t find my rose…” Garry’s eyes widened, and he started glancing around, trying to spot it.

“What?! That’s not good at all! You had it before, so it must be in the toy box somewhere! Let’s find it!” He really was worried about her.

He had come this far with Ib and had actually grown quite fond of the nine-year-old. As they were walking around looking for her rose, he felt something under his foot.

He bent down and picked it up. It was the pink key. At least it was something, but it wasn’t her rose.

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