I won't Lose to You
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I won't Lose to You

Fuwa Shou was bored waiting for his lame photo shoot in this lame waiting room with lame models who didn’t have half the talent he did.

And that included that Tsuruga Ren who sat elongated on the couch across the room.  He looked at nothing in particular which only made Shou angrier.

Shou was clearly shooting him a blatantly dirty look and was getting no reaction at all.

Across the room, Ren was watching Mogami’s ex-best friend where he glowered at Ren.  The man clearly disliked him though he wasn’t entirely sure why.

He thought the younger man was sexy in a punk, westernized sort of way.  He was lying on his side, his feet hanging off the arm of the couch and his head propped up to glare at Ren.

Ren couldn’t decide if this stare was attractive or just amusing.

Finally, Shou rolled sideways and ended up on his back, staring pointed, almost furiously, at the ceiling.  He slipped a hand into his bedazzled jeans pocket.

Ren watched Shou’s hand move about inside pants with interest until the teenager pulled out a lollipop.

He ripped off the plastic, cast an infuriated look over at Ren, who still appeared to be staring vacantly into space, and popped it into his mouth.

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