I wonder what will happen
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I wonder what will happen

When Colin had tried to reach the other world through his Gateway, to reach the world where Puppets were coming from, it hadn't been without consequences.

Little did the Concepts know that after this event, the rates of songpower, the energy that gave their powers to Concepts, had risen in sharp peaks all over the world.

Everywhere around the country, people started to feel more negative emotions. Songpower being dangerous to humans, many descended into madness.

Surrounded by their favorite material possessions, they started to take a curve down a road no once could come back from.

Over time, the amount of Concepts had risen, to ends never reached before.

What element they were representing didn't matter anymore; they were nothing but shadows of their old selves, craving after more songpower, more energy.

Living away from Puppets, the only source of life energy, these new Concepts became desperate.

Little did they know, the Creators, those whose hands were giving life to beings of felt and thread, did not trust the human world anymore. Not after the havoc Colin had caused there.

Not after he had unleashed all kinds of dangers on Earth.

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