I wish I could wake up with amnesia
I wish I could wake up with amnesia vernon boyd stories

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I wish I could wake up with amnesia

Stiles went through life. His mother's death, Scott getting bit, getting hurt by psychopaths. Just little details. No one seems to care.

Scott is too sucked up in Allison to even talk or hang out with him anymore. Isaac is pinning over Scott. Erica has Boyd. Derek still doesn't give a shit about him.

Today was his mother's death and Scott forgot their ritual. He just happens to get possessed today.

He woke up with himself walking. He didn't know how he was walking, but he stops. He tries to turn around but he can't. Stiles starts to panic as he looks at Beacon Hill High School.

Then something starts to talk. He realizes it is himself.

"Oh, Stiles. Don't you know that you can't control yourself now? I am going to keep us safe. We will get our play at these horrible people." The voice said.

Stiles tried screaming, But he couldn't say a word. He tries to go through a list of things that could be doing this. He then remembers a research he did on Kitsunes.

He was sure it was a Dark Kitsune.

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