I will never let anyone hurt you
I will never let anyone hurt you j. daniel atlas stories

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A written piece by fanlove adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

I will never let anyone hurt you

Jack, Merritt, Lula, Bu Bu and Li where all in the kitchen eating breakfast,

as Daniel came into the kitchen and kissed his boyfriend jack on the cheek and whispered good morning to him as he sat next to him soon they all started to talk until breakfast was over,

Later that day everyone except jack and Daniel was out of the house so they were in the middle of making out jack's phone buzzed and as jack reached to see who it was,

when jack saw the text he suddenly went pale,

Danny noticed this and took jacks phone from his hands "I'm back and I'm coming for you" he red out load Danny looked at jack and said "jack is someone threatening you cause if they

are I'll kick their ass." Jack chuckled at Danny's protectiveness "yeah Danny I'm sure that's just an old friend joking around" jack replied And they went back to making out.

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