"i will make you queen of everything you see,"
"i will make you queen of everything you see," post-traumatic stress disorder stories

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"i will make you queen of everything you see,"

. No one knows who the person who will save them is; not their name, not how they'll look, or what they'll mean to you.

You hadn't imagined her when you were shot across the galaxy; you hadn't imagined green eyes and sharp words. But now you can't imagine life without her. Without your own personal salvation

Prompt from maggiemerc

You wake up with crumbling worlds behind your eyelids. The red dust of Krypton caught in your eyelashes, the dry air clambering like tumbling stones in your lungs.

You have no words in this language, or any other, to describe how exactly a planet sounds when it dies.

The groan of shifting plates, and brittle atmospheres—how it shivers beneath your feet, how it whines and whimpers.

Living in all the same ways as the people who will share its grave; left in the emptiness of space, forgotten, adrift. You carry an apology in your chest, a silent unspoken

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