I will hold your Umbrella
I will hold your Umbrella depression stories

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I will hold your Umbrella

The normally dark roads of Gotham are alight with the flashing of police sirens, and traffic is forced out of the way as a lone individual attempts to escape the GCPD.

The police stations radios are blaring as the nights destruction overwhelms the officers of the GCPD's rallying force.

Grim voices are merged with static as reports of officers down hit the airwaves, cold settles into the guts of those listening.

A few miles away in a rundown industrial building sitting next to Gotham's bay, a woman's body sits cold in the dark corner of an isolated cell.

Shaking hands exhaust the life of another woman, the man being the monster of his own fleeting nightmares, cries go unheard through the thick walls of his apartment.

Two GCPD detectives stand guard of the new mayor, one feeling relief that the perpetrator had gotten away with his life still intact,

the other worried about the future retaliations to their actions on this dark night.

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