I Was a Lonely Soul
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I Was a Lonely Soul

The raven arrived on a Mersday. She was as black as ink, and her feathers had a glossy shine that spoke of youth.

Bilbo watched her alight on his fence, her flapping wings disturbing the bushes nearby for a moment before she settled.

There was no question about where the raven had come from, or who might have sent the message attached to her thin leg.

Bilbo stood up from his bench. A sort of excited impatience spread through him at the thought of spending the morning reading a letter from his dear friends in the East.

Still, he made sure to walk up to the fence with a casual air.

“Greetings, Master Baggins,” the raven croaked.

“Good morning,” Bilbo said, offering his arm. “Will you come in? You must be tired from your journey.”

“Indeed I am! Flying all the way from the Lonely Mountain is no child’s play,” she cried, then hopped along the fence until she was near enough to close her claws round Bilbo’s forearm.

Then she hauled herself up onto his shoulder with unexpected gentleness, mindful of her sharp talons.

“I am Crä of Rauk, and I bring news from the Kingdom of Erebor—and a message for you, as you can see.”

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