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A work by irrlichtertanz adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

i want you to stay

»In the twilight glow i see her

Blue eyes crying in the rain

When we kissed goodbye and parted

I knew we'd never meet again«

Too late!

Sweaty and out of breath he arrives at the Department Of Violent Offenses of Metropolitan Police, bursts into her office and abruptly stops his movement as he catches a glimpse of her empty desk.

Too late! He's come too late!

that simply couldn't be true.

In the crucial moment he's come too late - she's gone.

Spontaneously he whirls around, running down the corridor back to the reception.

»Oh, Dr Hill. I hadn't expected you«, the receptionist greets him and looks at him in amazement.

»Carol! I mean DCI Jordan! Do you know where she is?«, he interrupts her quickly, almost stumbling across his own words.

Embarrassed the woman looks at him. »Tony, I shouldn't tell you that. And you know that.«

Tony darts a haunted look at her. »Please! If you know it, then you have to tell me! It's … a matter of life and death. … Well, almost. At least it's a matter of life.

Please, you're my only chance to stop her.«

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