i want you so much (but i hate your guts)
i want you so much (but i hate your guts) omega louis stories

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i want you so much (but i hate your guts)

Louis was early, for once in his life.

His steps were almost careful, as if he was entering some kind of holy sanctuary instead of the dimly lit and musty smelling locker rooms of the Manchester University Alpha-Beta Football Team.

Although, to him, this certainly was some kind of sacred place.

He never thought he’d actually end up here.

As the door fell shut behind him and he walked further into the room he realised he was the only one around.

He used the opportunity and let his curious gaze wander — over high metal lockers and simple, sturdy wooden benches cramped into the rather narrow space,

and across a doorway to his right that probably led to the showers.

It wasn't surprising that he was alone, really,

since there were nearly thirty minutes left until the first practice of the term would commence and he figured most of the boys would only turn up shortly beforehand.

He, though, he wanted to savour this for longer than a few minutes.

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