I want you back
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I want you back

It was early morning when they saw the news. Hoya and Sungjong were buying groceries, carefully saving every cent they could.

The street was close to empty, and the store owners were eager enough for business to haggle.

“Hey, Sungjong!”

Hoya was a few feet down the road, carrying baskets and counting coins and bills as he waited for Sungjong to catch up.

He was stopped at the window of an electronics store, staring at the tv.

“Hyung,” he said. He opened his mouth to tell him to come watch the program, but he didn’t realize he didn’t make a sound.

“What?” Hoya asked. There was an uneasy feeling in the air as he made his way back to his younger friend. “What is it?”

His eyes followed Sungjong’s, and they watched the news in quiet devastation. Their vegetables were beginning to sweat in their bags, but neither of them noticed.

All thoughts of their other errands slipped their minds. It was five full minutes in to the next news story when their minds kicked in again.

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