I Wanna Get Lost With You
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I Wanna Get Lost With You

Do you remember the light in the flame?

Was a birthday of someone

Then you told me your name

Thought you were one in a million

Bob was quite happy at his friend's party despite not knowing many people. It was fine, he was a sociable person really. He could talk to pretty much anyone when the situation arose.

He didn't often want to, but he did. For example, this man, Mumbles he said, was quite friendly.

It was going alright, amiable chat about football, the local neighbourhood they both shared.

Turned out they both frequented The Speeler, were both friends of Fred and his residential junkie Cookie. Odd that Bob didn't remember ever seeing him. Or his friend when he came over.

At first, Bob hadn't noticed him, still looking between Mumbles and the barbecue fire in the dim and mild summer evening.

When Bob noticed the other man, the other man was staring at the barbecue too but then turned to speak to Mumbles.

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