i try to refrain (but you're stuck in my brain)
i try to refrain (but you're stuck in my brain) angst and hurt/comfort stories

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A written piece by jexnggukie adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

i try to refrain (but you're stuck in my brain)

You know that feeling when you're waking up from a very long sleep? Like when you slept straight for twelve hours but you wake up with your entire body aching?

And waking up with a fever, throat hoarse and pain in your chest?

Imagine that ten times multiplied. Yeah, not a very pleasant feeling. But that's exactly how Taehyung felt.

"Guys, shut up, look, he's waking up!" He faintly heard a male voice. His eyelids were heavy, but he slowly with immense effort opened them.

For some minutes, his vision was slightly hazy and unfocused. But he could make out around five or six people hovering around him.

"Wh-wha?" He croaked out.

"Oh thank god, here have some water." A guy, he couldn't really recognise helped him up and gave him a drink of water through a straw.

"Go! Go call Ms. Kim!" A dark haired boy said who had dark circles under his eyes. He recognised that name. His mum. That's who Ms.

Kim was! While scanning the faces of the people, he noticed a boy with orange hair who looked slightly teary.

There were five other guys, one with mint green hair with a small smile on his face, three tall ones and the male who had called his mother with a stern look on his face. He was confused.

Where was he? Who were these people? Before he could ask them something, his mother came rushing with his brother, Baekhyun trailing behind a doctor.

They shuffled out the bunch of boys who rather reluctantly left the room.

Two of them took more time than the others, but Baekhyun gave them both a pat on their shoulders and the taller one, had to drag the shorter one with orange hair by his arm outside.

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