I Took A Pill
I Took A Pill levi/erwin smith/reader stories

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A short story by nikkidoodle adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

I Took A Pill

Joan Jeanne Rome was just your every day average young woman.

Strong willed Feminist who worked for equality for both parties, hard working free-lance artist,

and most of all a part-time and rather skilled seamstress that worked from home making and selling clothes online when she wasn't painting.

Of course trying to make a living between painting and making clothing was a difficult job.

It took a lot of time out of her day and when she actually had free time she would go down to the cafe that was right next to her apartment.

Joan found that he was the most soothing drink for her considering her insomnia and social anxiety. The tea was very calming and allowed her to get work done when she was stressed.

Lifting her brush on the canvas she moved it across the blank space with a delicate flick of the wrist.

Her blue eyes scanned the line that was a deep reddish orange color, almost a burgundy but not quite.

As she thought in her mind about what this painting was going to be she had multiple ideas, but as of right now she just allowed her brush to do the work.

She had been at it for over an hour and yet she was unable to decide what to do after the single line was placed on the canvas.

This was certainly a struggle for her today, just like every other day. If the art wasn't just right it would never sell, knowing this she release and placed the brush back down onto the easel.

After an hour of struggle she figured it was time to go down to the cafe and have her daily dose of tea.

Grabbing her wallet from the counter of her kitchen she walked out the front door and down two flights of stairs.

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