I Thought You Were Dead
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I Thought You Were Dead

“I thought you were dead.”

This wasn’t the way Chuck wanted to be reunited with his creator, but he promised he’d be honest with himself it ever happened, and, really he was just glad Jacob was still here.

Moving around and talking and thinking. Living. As humans do. And as he didn’t, not really.

Sure could’ve gone without Jacob’s look of pity though.

“Well, that makes us even. I thought you’d been dismantled.

” Jacob dropped the scrap metal he’d been scavenging, hopping over the junkyard debris which glinted in the sun that wasn’t blocked by the walls slowly encroaching on and over Detroit.

In Chucks dreams he pictured hugs, slaps on the back,

a few minor tweaks to fix a squeaky knee joint or something and then he could go live with Jacob for the rest of his life and learn what he were supposed to do if not guiding people

through Deluxe and he would look exactly the same as he did the last time Chuck saw him, five years ago.

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