I think I'm being stalked, please help
I think I'm being stalked, please help stories

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UPDATE: UPDATE I think I'm being stalked, please help
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I think I'm being stalked, please help

by TrueTerror03


UPDATE I think I'm being stalked, please help


Hello. I'm kinda new to Reddit, so I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right place.

I just want to start off by saying that I truly believe that I am being stalked, and I also have pictures to prove it.

I am trying to keep this as anonymous as possible, but due to important elements in my story, I'll keep a few things in. I live in a very rural part of a small town in Pennsylvania.

I have only about 3 neighbors, being about half a mile away from my house. I am 17 years old and male.

Even though I haven't posted anything yet, and my friends tell me I should have, this began about 2 years ago.

It all began with the "creepy clown" outbreak near the end of 2015. And no, my stalker is not a clown.

I have a very large yard, half of which is taken up by woods, so it wasn't uncommon for me and a few friends playing games in the woods such as man hunt, spoons, and arrow tag.

On this specific day, it was the middle of December, and we were playing manhunt.

My best friend, let's call him Austin, was the hunter for this round, and I was hiding with my other friend, let's say his name is Elton.

We were hiding in a patch of tall grass beside a large area of brush. We were laying low when all of the sudden Elton shushed me. He tapped on his ear and I started listening for what he was hearing.

I heard the small crack of a twig snapping, and leaves crunching. I assumed it was just Austin, but then I heard another sound that sent a shiver up my spine.

The sound of a camera shutter broke the silence of the woods. I put my hand over Elton's mouth and motioned to the brush behind us. I caught a glimpse of a red baseball cap ducking out of view.

I snapped my head around and looked at Elton, and saw the horror in his eyes as well.

At this point, I was scared shitless, and I booked it back to my house.

Now before you say it was one of my friends, no one at my house was wearing red hats, and it was one of those unbranded hats that you would find at a dollar store.

As I was running back, I called for Austin as well, but I also heard twigs snapping going in the opposite direction of us.

Once I got inside, I told my parents what happened, and they just brushed it off saying that it was just my imagination, even though Elton heard and saw the guy as well.

Even now my parents don't believe me.

Over the past 2 years I have seen and heard mysterious things, and had some things in my room go missing. I always feel like I'm being watched, and I can't stand it anymore.

I can't file a police report, and trust me I tried. Austin recommended that I should post my story here to see if anyone on here could help.

Just recently I was scrolling through my photos looking for a picture of me and my girlfriend, when I found 2 pictures taken about 6 days ago.

After playing around with it in photoshop, I was able to clearly see a man's face in both pictures. I do not recognize this man and I am afraid that he has been in my house.

I have attached links to both of the photos so you guys can have a look. If you have any advice as to what to do from here, please leave a comment.



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