I Survived the Road to Hana 2019
I Survived the Road to Hana 2019 stories

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Will Nora find here way out of the Road to Hana.

I Survived the Road to Hana 2019

"Ah! Were I am I" she realized she was in the Hana Parkway. There were 99 one way bridges and so many twists and turns. With the gust off winds she was so woried that the palm trees will fall down. She wanted to get out of here but there was no place to get out. They had no food so they were starving, but lukuly the found a fruit stand and got some fruit. They asked they guy how to get out of here and he said "I do not know"

So, They kept driving and driving along the parkway. They stoped at a waterfall to see if there was a way to get out but there was no way that was possible. They were so woried.

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