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I See Fire

It was a prayer, Bilbo decided when he was finally old enough to understand the song that had been playing through his head since as long as he could remember.

His mother once told him that he was singing that song before he could even speak and he didn't doubt her.

Even when he was young, that song had been as much a part of him as his heart and his soul were.

He could often be found wandering everywhere singing or humming that song and it was just another thing that made him so very different from the other little hobbits.

They all liked to sing happy songs, but Bilbo's song was a story about destruction, pain, and loss wound together with that prayer.

Even before Bilbo knew what the exact meaning of that song was he sang it often,

but when he finally understood it he made a point to sing it at least once a day and tried to sing it more often than that.

He didn't know who he was praying for, but he felt that they needed it very much.

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