I Promise
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A fanfic by dragon_maiden adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

I Promise

“Cole?” whispered Bi. A wisp of smoke fading away as he appeared to her side. “Yes” his voice soft as he now clung to her hand. Worry was creased into his brow as he watched her.

She was in pain. Another stifled scream, she was panting again trying to gather her strength again.

“Can you promise to be good?” she asked a chuckle escaping her pained face.

“I will do my best” she smiled weakly at his response but it had been the truest smile he had seen in such a long time. Another wave coursed through her as she tried to hold back the screams.

Her hands pulling at the sheets.

It had been months since she had left Skyhold, disbanded her friends. Let them walk their own paths, prepare for whatever Solas plan would hold.

another jolt of pain, not from physical pain but of loss. She was still raw from losing her heart along with her arm. He had given all the time he could, she had been doomed from the start.

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