I Never Planned On You
I Never Planned On You nsfw stories

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I Never Planned On You

This was out of Five's comfort zone. This was so far out of Five's comfort zone. This was three laps around the track, a marathon, and a brisk morning jog away from the comfort zone.

How did Five find herself in a dark club with blush coloring her face and probably spreading to her ears and chest? Two people were at fault. Maxine Myers and Sara Smith.

It was really Sara's fault, but by principle it was Maxine's. It was her Bachelorette party. But Sara organized it. But how the hell did Sara know about this place? Clubs, sure.

That Five could handle that. Strip club, girls dancing on stage? Did nothing for Five. But this... this was a participation thing. God, this was way far over a line.

"Why don't we just go to a strip club like normal people do for these?" Five asked the group at the first stop at the bar. Everyone was drinking and having a good time.

Talk had already begun on heading out towards the Shack.

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