I need you back
I need you back teenage mutant ninja turtles (tv 2012) stories

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I need you back

Mikey’s POV

I walked quietly, Leo and Donnie were behind me. They both kept talking about stuff that happened during the patrol, how I had screwed up this, how I should have known to do that etc.

Just saying whatever that would make me feel useless.

To this point they didn’t even try to be constructive when they critiqued every single thing that I did, they wanted me to know that I was the worst one in our team, and disgracefully,

they had been achieving it since the beginning.

I felt a hard tug on the upper part of my carapace followed by Leo’s voice talking loudly, telling me to listen to them whenever they talked to me.

Once they had my full attention, Donnie went back to ranting about how I always was inside my own world and that if I were a bit more receptive, I would cause fewer problems.

Finally, we got to the lair, where I ran to my room discreetly, not wanting to hear any more of what my two oldest brothers had to say to me.

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