I need a gangsta to love me better
I need a gangsta to love me better iron man/suicide squad stories

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I need a gangsta to love me better

I knocked again. After waiting for a while without receiving any answer, I typed in the code to Tony Starks workshop. The door opened swiftly and I walked in.

Suddenly a head popped up from under a table.

At a closer look I could see that it was an in grease and oil covered Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, who looked like he had spend the night underneath said table.

, Tony grumbly responded.

, I asked as I rushed over to him.

, he replied smiling while rubbing his head. I helped him up without being asked to.

I made sure he could stand on his own before letting him go again.

, I asked worriedly.

I watched him as he walked over to his newest creation and inspected it. I knew that he most likely wanted to find out what had malfunctioned so I decided to go and help him out a bit.

, I asked as I walked over to him.

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