I love to hurt you
I love to hurt you april o'neil stories

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I love to hurt you

Nervously walking up and down the corridor, April hesitated and lingered for a bit, a quivering flame of a candle in her hands was the only source of illumination in the dark.

Pacing continuously she was shielding the delicate flame with her palm and taking deep breaths in vain attempts of calming herself down, she kept repeating: "You're okay, April.

Just do it! You're okay. Just walk in and tell him..."

When she finally pulled herself together, she knocked. There was no response. She waited and knocked the second time, her heart beating ever so hard.

She didn't remember feeling that nervous since... since their first kiss so many years ago. Her knuckles rested on the wooden surface of the door, not bold enough to try again.

She struggled to steady her shaky nerves. Who would've thought this would be so impossibly hard?!

"Aarrgghh!" - she suddenly heard from the other side of the door.

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