I Love The Way You Lie
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A short story by snowflake0913 adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

I Love The Way You Lie

She hated him at the same time as she loved him. They had shared their twisted love/hate relationship for each other for 10 years.

She had tried to stay away from him so many times she had stopped counting. He had tired as well but they were like the opposite sides of a magnet, always drawn back to each other.

She had even had boyfriends and he had girlfriends but their need for each other had never wavered. They would always get caught sooner or later but since neither of them had found

it never really bothered them and they would try again to figure out how to be in a real relationship with each other.

It never worked out for more than a month at the time and they ended up breaking up or whatever they did when they spent time apart.

Then that wouldn’t last more than a month and they would be back together again.

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