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I Love Luci

True to her word, when Alex and Raphael return to the building, Gabriel's made it so Courage barely even knew they left.

Of course it only takes the usual excitement of their return to work him up so much that he pees on the carpet.

"Bree would give us a dog with a nervous bladder." Alex sighs.

"We don't have to keep him." Raphael reminds her, earning himself a sharp look which he considers undeserved. He wasn't saying they should, just reminding her it's an option.

What kind of psycho gives you a talk about how you're going too fast in your new relationship then gifts you and your lover a puppy to raise. His little sister that's who.

Still, he has always been fond of dogs. And at least she's not pressing them to have a child.

Granted her train wreck of a pregnancy might have made her a bit more reasonable in that regard, but he'll take what he can get.

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