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22/04/2017 Daniel (7:14 AM): Good morning beautiful :*
By fidgetpickle https://www.reddit.com/r/...

I love her

by fidgetpickle


Daniel (7:14 AM): Good morning beautiful :*

Elle (8:00 AM): mrning

Daniel (8:00 AM): I love you!

Elle (8:16 AM): u2

Daniel (8:16 AM): <3 are you going anwhere today?

Daniel (8:16 AM): Anywhere*

Elle (8:29 AM): np. wbu?

Daniel (8:29 AM): Can I come over then? :D

Elle (8:29 AM): my frends r cming ovr...

Daniel (8:30): Alright, enjoy babe! :)

Elle (8:50 AM): yh k ttyl?

Daniel (8:51 AM): Okayyy I love you <3

Seen at 9:00 AM

Daniel (10:13 PM): Good night princess <3 :*

Elle (10:14 PM): Daniel?

Daniel (10:14 PM): Yes, love?

Elle (10:14 PM): This is Nathan

Daniel (10:15 PM): Who are you? why do you have my girlfriend's phone with you?

Elle (10:15 PM): Daniel, please calm down

Daniel (10:15 PM): WHO THE HECK ARE YOU?!

Elle (10:15 PM): I'm her oncologist...

Seen at 10:15 PM

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