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Steven Grant Rogers couldn’t remember the last time he had actually been to school.

He wasn’t talking the type of school he attended in his early treatment years when he was six years old and the only other students in his kindergarten class were fellow cancer warriors.

No, he was talking about public school, something that was normal to most kids but not Steve. He had been home-schooled from kindergarten until he was eight years old….

then when he was twelve and relapsed, he was home-schooled once more. From there he attended school in the hospital, with other children who were in for extended periods of time.

Then, it was back to being home-schooled while he received a bone marrow transplant to save his life.

Now, he was deemed healthy enough to go to public school with other kids in his Brooklyn neighborhood, kids that he had not seen for more than a few months since he was in preschool.

Honestly, the thought of attending a typical high school was a bit overwhelming for the pale fifteen year old with peach fuzz blond hair and light blue eyes.

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