I Like Your Lips ‘Cause They Are Dark Like My Heart
I Like Your Lips ‘Cause They Are Dark Like My Heart i have no idea what tags to put stories

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I Like Your Lips ‘Cause They Are Dark Like My Heart

Fingers snapped in front of the Undertaker's face and he jolted on his seat, head tilting up and his gaze falling on Paul Bearer's ghastly face.

"Were you listening to anything I was saying?" He asked in his usual high-pitched voice, visibly annoyed by being flat out ignored.

Listening? Undertaker couldn't say he was.

But for the sake of his poor ears - because he wouldn't hear the end of it if he admitted he wasn't paying attention - he simply nodded at the other man.

Bearer didn't quite believe that nod, but decided to let that go. Still, there seemed to be something terribly wrong going on with Undertaker the past couple days.

He was far more distant than normal, to the point he didn't even seem to be able to focus on his regular job of building coffins and putting together flower arrangements.

His fighting skills weren't affected though, as far as he was concerned, but he surely wasn’t acting normal.

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