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I Like the New Amenities

Kara heard the click of the door. Frak. Even on this godsforsaken world, they wouldn't leave her alone. She flicked the light off, controlled her breathing. Didn't matter who it was.

She might be naked, but she could still kill 'em.

In flickers of light through the window, she caught sight of a cap. Whoever it was, he was tall. And had bad taste in caps.

He stopped, one foot not quite touching the ground, and she held her breath. He listened for a few seconds, sniffed the air, then shrugged and walked farther into the room.


The voice sounded familiar. She cocked her head. She heard a beep, then the clerk downstairs answering.

"There's gear here. You damn fools rent me someone else's room?"

"Of course not. What room did you get?"

"I was just there five minutes ago. Seventeen, gorramit!"

Kara crept out of the head until she could see him. The sides of that ridiculous cap stuck out like pigtails. He was broad. Good strong back. She still couldn't place the voice, though.

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