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Please bear with me, I'm on mobile. Sorry for any errors. About 3 years ago, my friend from college hooked me up with some volunteer work at a non-profit helping homeless teens and sex-trafficking victims.
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I know how phones work, creep!

by toastedpeppercorns

Please bear with me, I'm on mobile. Sorry for any errors.

About 3 years ago, my friend from college hooked me up with some volunteer work at a non-profit helping homeless teens and sex-trafficking victims.

We worked in their really nice headquarters right across the street from Madison Square Garden.

My friend, Karen, had been training me to take over for her when she started school for her masters.

On her last day, we decided to get lunch and sit outside to chat about work and her going back to school.

Pretty much she gossiped about the funny and not-so-funny things that happened before I came along.

The not-so-funniest one was about Michael, the guy in charge of setting up everyone's computer and e-mail, but that was it. He wasn't in charge of IT or any other aspect than the ones I mentioned.

The story is that she's always gotten a weird vibe from him and once, when she asked him to set up her work e-mail on her phone,

he said he needed to take it with him (unlocked) so he could set it up using his computer. While she's telling me this, I already knew something bad is coming out of it.

She told me when she got it back, her messages and photos had been opened and looked through. She's very quiet and timid and never said anything because she was scared of the confrontation.

Once she told me this, I knew I had to be on my toes with this guy.

Luckily, he only came in about 2 days a week, and I rarely saw him or talked to him since he worked on the other side of the office, separated by the kitchen and the lobby.

About a month after Karen left for school, my manager announced she was going on a business trip for about two months visiting the international branches of the organization.

She told me I didn't have to come in while she was away but needed to have my email connected to my phone and to ask Michael to help me.

My heart immediately sank. I replayed the story Karen told me in my head, but secretly hoped it wouldn't happen to me.

I tried to figure out how to do it myself but I needed the admin password which I didn't know. I prepared myself and ran over the possible scenario in my head.

I walked over to his desk and asked him to set it up for me to avoid him coming to mine and giving me the same speech he gave Karen.

I was ready! I prepared myself for this! He says okay but that it's going to take a while and that he can just bring my phone to my desk. Oh hell no Michael, you're not playing me!

I tell him it's okay, I'm not too busy and it feels good to get up and stretch my legs. He looks defeated but relents and sets it up. Takes even less than 5 minutes. Creepy liar.

I go back to my desk, relieved that he wasn't able to pull off his stunt. But no, friends, the tale of Michael doesn't end here.

10 minutes later, I'm at my desk minding my business and I turn around to see him standing there and it startled the hell outta me. I try to act normal and ask him if he needs anything.

He says, "uhhh...yeah...um... I think my charger is broken. Can I borrow your phone to test it?" Once again, hell no Michael you're not playing me!

I say, "yeah sure lets go try it out, I'll come with you." I can see panic in his face this time. He says, "uhh... No I just need your phone.

" I'm getting really annoyed at this point, and I say, politely but forcefully, "Michael, either I come with you or you ask someone else for help."

After some awkward silence, he says okay. We walk over, he plugs my phone in and I hear that sound that the phone is plugged in and charged.

Beforehand, I made sure look and see that it was connected to a wall plug and not his computer, because, you know YOU'RE NOT PLAYING ME, Michael.

He asks me to unlock and make sure, I say, "Michael, you heard the sound, it works just fine. May I have my phone back?"

He hesitates, saying, "that's weird, maybe it's when I plug it into the computer?"

Now I'm truly annoyed. I reach over, take my phone, and respond, "you know it works with the wall charger so use that or get a new one.

" I walked away, maybe even sauntered, knowing that hell yes, Michael, you didn't play me!

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