I kissed a girl
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A short story by orphan_account posted on commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

I kissed a girl

I can't believe Sam persuaded me to attend this party. I hate parties like this, when everything smells like sweat and alcohol, and people are staring at you, and all that jazz.

The only reason she did is because she heard it from some Northridge girl when we went to Inside-Out Burger last week, and of course, the Northridge girl wants the former web star to attend.

However, I couldn't believe on our actual day-off from babysitting, she simply lied to me to get me to go to a party.

Now, I'm sitting on the dirty couch owned by some person I barely know, while Sam's somewhere else, and all I can see in my vision is girls and guys dancing, kissing, and mingling.

Just a minute ago, I had to walk away from a couple that was making out right in front of me, and it isn't pleasant to see two drunk people kissing sloppily.

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