I Hold Your Heart Or I Hold You Down.
I Hold Your Heart Or I Hold You Down. sublimating with sex stories

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I Hold Your Heart Or I Hold You Down.

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Julie looked at the blank screen on her laptop. The cursor blinked, mocking her inability to string words together.

Surrounding her at the old oak table were piles of transcribed interviews and meticulous notes. She'd put in her research time, done her homework. She even had an extensive outline.

Her first journalism teacher used to say that after you'd done all that work, the story would practically write itself.

Her mission, which she had already accepted the book advance for, was to write a book about gutterpunks, the modern-day hobo subculture who spent their time panhandling, hopping freight trains,

and just plain experiencing life. The idea had come to her when she was covering a trade summit in Seattle and had noticed the gutterpunks on nearly every corner.

She'd gotten friendly with a few who were camped out down the street from her hotel. No mean feat, since she was regarded with distrust, even though she was only a few years older them.

But Julie had never met a potential source who couldn't be worn down with coffee, cookies, and honest questions.

She found their stories exhilarating and amazing, and she couldn't stop thinking about them after she returned to Texas.

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