I have to WALK all the way over there?!
I have to WALK all the way over there?! stories

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Hello there, /r/TalesFromTheatre ! first time post here. A little background info: I am working minimum wage in Canada at the most well known theater possible.
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I have to WALK all the way over there?!

by Zephusa

Hello there, /r/TalesFromTheatre ! first time post here.

A little background info: I am working minimum wage in Canada at the most well known theater possible.

The way our concession stand works is that we have concession on one side and outtakes (a place to get hot dogs, burgers, fries, etc etc..) on the other.

The tills are RIGHT BESIDE EACH OTHER, therefore if a person buys something from me they can go right to outtakes.

So story time:

I was working a concession shift and was stationed to the till DIRECTLY ADJACENT to Outtakes. This is important.

So an elderly looking lady walks in, she looks to be in her 60's, thick glasses, gray hair, and a full matching sweat pants and a sweater with this mickey mouse pattern on it.

It was an ugly get up. Lets call her Old Lady (OL)

So I greet her as per usual

Me: Hi, welcome to (theatre!), may I offer you a combo?

OL: *in a very rude tone* WHERE can I buy tokens for your video games?

Me: We don't use tokens anymore, ma'am, we use cards now so it's easier to-

OL: I DON'T CARE. WHERE CAN I BUY THEM? (again, a very angry tone)

Me: Sorry about that, you can buy them from the section over there (and I point towards this little island that hosts a flavored popcorn stand and the other side has the video games)

OL looks at me for a moment as if she had seen a ghost and then angrily asks me: I have to walk ALL THE WAY OVER THERE?

Mind you, this was not a very far treck. It was probably 10 meter sticks away from us.

Even for an elderly lady this was no problem and there is even a sitting area right in front of it so if she needs to, she can rest.

Me: Yes ma'am. Just over there is where you can get the card to play the games

OL: Well I'm not walking THAT FAR for shit I don't even want to do!

Me: Alright then, ma'am. Is there anything else I can do to help you out today? (I have that generic retail smile plastered on my face)

OL: Do you guys have ice cream?

Me: Yes we do! But you have to purchase it over at Outtakes (which is one till over! so, maybe 3 steps to the left?)

OL: Can't I just order it from you? Why do I have to walk ALL THE WAY over there?

Me: You can order it from me it's just not recommended (I spared her the rest of the details.

Basically if we order it from the concession till it doesn't give a name so the people just get a random order out of no where)

OL: Then I'll order it from you.

Me: Alrighty, ma'am! What kind would you like?

OL: Do you have chocolate? I hate chocolate.

Me: Yes we do, did you want something else?

OL: I want chocolate. God, I don't even like ice cream. (she sounded very angry the whole time)

Me: .. Alright? So that will be 4.40$ after tax.

While she's gathering her money she starts telling me about all the "bad service" she's been having.

About how when she bought a drink and sat down the bottom of the cup fell out, or how when she was walking to the theater she spilled her popcorn. Yes, because that is our fault.

OL gives me her money and I give her the change.

So I give her the order number and tell her "If you just head on over to outtakes to your left they can give you your ice cream, have a great day ma'am!"

and then I hear those words again.

OL: I have to WALK ALL THE WAY over there?!

Me: Well we don't-

OL: Don't you guys share the same kitchen? You guys are a big company, get your shit together! Can't you just go and get it for me?

(I can't, we are told not to go in their kitchen), why do I have to walk all the way over there to get something I don't even want?

At this point I've had enough of this lady and I'm getting frustrated,

dealing with rude customers is something I'm not very good at so I try my best to explain to her that I'm not allowed to go in their kitchen,

that I could give her a refund if she would like but in the middle of me asking she just walks way.

She doesn't let me finish my explanation, she doesn't take her ice cream (Now if she wanted a refund I'd either have to get the Team Leader or a manager, I can't do it.) and just leaves.

So I'm confused at this point, but she's gone, awesome.

Then I see her head over to box office and luckily our head manager just peeked his head out to do his regular checks of the place.

So I go to the manager and give him the run down of what just happened, he tells me that he wont tolerate guests abusing or harassing his employees in any way possible.

He goes to the lady who was arguing with the ladies in box to let her use the telephone because she had to make a phone call and wouldn't tell them what for.

When OL see's the manager she tries to talk to him about all the "Awful service" but he wont have it.

He slowly walks with her towards the doors to the outside while she rants and he just kicks her out.

I've never seen her since.

But remember, if you slip and drop your popcorn, it's clearly our fault.

Sorry that you had to walk 4 feet to get your ice cream.

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