I Hate Myself
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I Hate Myself is about struggles that people face.

I Hate Myself

The first time I said the word I hate myself, I was in Science and these two boys came up to me and called me fat. I didn't care that much at the moment But, Later I sat in the car after school and thought about what they said I began to notice it was true. I have a double chin and I have a large stomach as well. I just sat and cried, I thought about starving myself everyday since then.

I have been self conscious my whole life. I do ballet in my free time to try to get skinny, It's not working. We have to wear these tiny little leotards. All the other girls are so much more skinny and flexible, I want to be like them so much it kills me.

I was driving home with my mom, I was in a bad mood because I had been made fun of for not being smart enough all day. She started talking about my grades and why I was failing. Then she started yelling all I could do was sit there and cry. She had no idea what was going on at school, I wish so badly to tell her but, I can't.

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