I Guess I Can't Help It
I Guess I Can't Help It eridan ampora/sollux captor/karkat vantas stories

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I Guess I Can't Help It

It's weird. Having acquaintances that are fish-people — that almost sounds offensive — that is. Not so much that they are weird — one of them is — but more so they work so different.

Me and my friends try taking them out to places and they have zero idea what to do. It's as if they don't have parties or restaurants underwater. Okay, that sounds really stupid.

They obviously don't. They have a completely different culture under there.

My name is Sollux Captor, and I have about 15 other friends — God I hate that word — all weirdos and idiots. But I still hang with them, because sometimes I have nothing better to do.

The worst are the idiots who practically represent douche-bag. Everyone is different though, and some personalities clash greatly and some get along really well.

I can't say getting along is my specialty. I just deal with them. I'm the computer geek, antisocial, lowlife — as certain people call me — with this stupid lisp and mismatched eyes.

One is sort-of a maroon and the other is a dark blue. I always wear 3-D glasses and let my dark chocolate hair do it's thing — whatever the hell this is.

I've got a bad slouch, thin features, and I'm pretty lanky. Not even I would consider myself attractive. And I don't really care, romance isn't my thing.

Having a lover is the least of my worries.

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