I found you.
I found you. it's dirty stories

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A story by xychaoticfox adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

I found you.

Yogi crawled out from behind the curtain, checking if the coast was clear and when he deemed it fairly save; he bolted. Good luck finding someone who keeps on moving, Nai!

“And where is he now?”


“You don’t

?” Akari blinked in surprise.

Gareki and Nai looked at each other before looking back at the doctor and shaking their heads before hanging them in shame.

“Tch! The bloody kid doesn’t listen.”

“We were playing hide & seek.”

“You weren’t supposed to be playing. Yogi hasn’t recovered yet.”

“Sorry, Akari-sensei.” Nai murmured.

He sighed, “I believe it was inevitable. He is so childish.”

“What now?” Gareki questioned.

“Why don’t you run along and I’ll find him. He won’t listen with you around him.”

Gareki looked like he wanted to say something but Nai tugged his arm, prompting him to go with and just leave Yogi to Akari-sensei.

Gareki finally nodded and turned away, following the white haired boy down the hall.

“Now,” Akari pushed his hair out of his face, “Where can you be hiding?”

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