I Fell in Love with the Timbre of your Hands
I Fell in Love with the Timbre of your Hands drogo baggins stories

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I Fell in Love with the Timbre of your Hands

Bilbo glanced down at his phone's calendar, he sighed as it read that Gandalf would be stopping for tea.

Grumbling about how he hated Wednesdays Bilbo set to making food for himself and his guest. Once the tea was boiled, biscuits mixed, baked, and sampled, Bilbo started to set the table.

Once it was finished Bilbo sat at his kitchen island typing away, weaving words and ideas into his novel. He had typed almost five pages when he realized the steady knocking at his door.

Quickly standing up he ran to the door and smiled. "Gandalf, I hadn't realized you had arrived!"

"And here I thought I was being left at the door like an unwelcomed button salesman!" Gandalf chuckled.

"Well, I could have, seeing that my writings took my mind and made my hands create almost a whole minor plotline!"

"Excitable as ever I see." Gandalf said raising his bushy eyebrows.

"Not quite excitable as it is, creative." Bilbo corrected, setting the kettle down.

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