I Don't Think So
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I Don't Think So

Harry was sitting in Dumbledore's office waiting for the man to arrive.

This annoyed him greatly, he gets called into the office and has to sit and wait for him to show up, why call him if he isn't going to be here.

This is the fifth time in five weeks he has done it to him. He thought of ignoring the summons next time. He also hoped it's wasn't going to be a "let's learn about Tom" session.

He had a headache as it was. He was about to leave when the Headmaster finally entered.

"My boy, I am sorry, I got held up. Lemon drop?"

"No, thank you. Why am I here?" Harry asked calmly.

"I have something that I need to tell you about, you see after Sirius died, we discovered a Marriage Contract."

'That is a lie' Harry thought, as he knew when he went to the bank not even two weeks ago that there wasn't a Marriage Contract, he had specifically asked that question.

He had used a weekend to get everything done. He had had them check through everything, even did an Inheritance Test, he got healed and they found the Horcrux, he left it in his head.

"Really? For whom?" He asked calmly, much calmer than he was feeling, who knew Occlumency would be such a great benefit, now that he could actually understand the skill.

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