I don't like them innocent
I don't like them innocent george is a dork stories

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I don't like them innocent

Based on Ghost by Halsey

“I don’t like them innocent, / I don’t want no face fresh./ Want them wearing leather begging/ Let me be your taste test.”


George leaned over to his girlfriend in the passenger seat. He planted a tiny kiss on her cheek, then felt his heart leap in his chest when she turned to look at him.

Her breath made small smoky clouds in the air, reminding him of just how warm and inviting her mouth was.

Her lips parted into a soft smile and he tried his best to turn his attention back to the road.

He turned the heating in the car up slightly and gripped the steering wheel as tightly as he could. Abby sat, wrapped up in his leather jacket, staring out the window of the car.

She watched as the snow fell heavily against the window but it was gone in seconds, sliding away down the door of their black car and onto the road underneath them,

adding to the seemingly endless layers of snow and ice under the tyres. There seemed to be no signs of the snow stopping.

The weather forecast had predicted it but of course, George has paid no attention at all. He wanted to take her out and nothing got in the way of date night.

Of course, he was always trying to find new places to take her on a date, sometimes paintballing, other times he took her to play golf but she always won, leaving him in a huff.

Today it had been a trip out for dinner and then as a special surprise, he took her to buy new art supplies and some clothes.

Neither had anticipated the weather however and now George was chuckling to himself, looking at his girlfriend in his leather jacket.

It suited her more than it did him and he was more than happy to let her wear it whenever she liked.

The size difference between the two made him so happy as it meant the sleeves came well past her hands and the coat came down to her mid thighs.

He pulled up beside the house and zipped the jacket up, tucked her hair behind her ear and placed a kiss on her warm lips.

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