I Don't Know Why I Got Married
I Don't Know Why I Got Married marriage stories

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I Don't Know Why I Got Married


Water everywhere, as far as the eye could see.

Sparking, undulating water like a mirror someone had spilled golden paint on. Ribbons of cloud passed by, swirls of white in the golden reflection. The sun was rising.

Gou sighed and pulled the plastic down over the window, leaning back into her seat. She was sick of looking at water.

Besides the water, the inside of the cabin was all she had been able to see for the past ten some odd hours.

In the seat next to her Miho Amakata stirred. Her arm moved and her hand flung out, coming dangerously close to smacking Gou in the face. It wouldn’t be the first time.

Amakata flopped around in her sleep like an overactive three year old. Carefully Gou took the hand and placed it by Amakata’s head.

The cabin was very quiet, only the occasional cough, snort, or slight snore ushering from the occupants. The majority of people were sleeping.

Even the stewards had retired to some hidden space to catch some shut eye.

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