i don’t know this melody but i love your words
i don’t know this melody but i love your words anxiety stories

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i don’t know this melody but i love your words

“Not enough words, scared to shatter by the attention,

Braver than the most heroic who doubts every decision

made of all the finest qualities, godly voices echo and atheists start to believe

Playing music to a bass and making melodies that last centuries

Lighting fires in other’s, never believes a word of praise

Even the best cry, but not all can bleed music onto a page”

- Unpublished lyrics

Van days aren’t very fast, not when the road is clear, not even when you’re entertained or when you have a bunk to lounge on,

and certainly not when you have such stunning lyrics running around your head that you need to get them out.

The lyrics in question were Pete’s, and Patrick didn’t need to edit them to better them because, honestly enough, they were too perfect.

They left Patrick a bit empty, and he wasn’t sure how that works, because he couldn’t get them out of his head, and adored them, and really wanted to sing them – no matter, he thought,

a bit sad as he folded into himself. He was settled into his bunk, which happened to be closer to the floor than the roof, and he was pretty sure it was past two am.

He didn’t want to check the time, because then he would know that he’d have been up too late, and the anxiety in his chest would only get worse.

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